Buying Large Sized Clothes In China

From ChinaExpat.Wiki

For a person who is taller and bigger than most people in China, it is a real struggle to buy proper clothes here. Most of time, for tops that are large enough, the length of the clothes and the sleeves are awkwardly short. The pants are the same, when they are long and big enough, they just don’t have a good shape. After several years, I finally can get some clothes (including shoes!) with reasonable quality. This can be useful during COVID pandemic because we can not leave China easily and buy clothes overseas.

The conventional way is to buy in some physical shops:

1. UNIQLO We have had amazing experience with this brand when it comes to buying trousers. Reasonable price and good design that compliments my ass.

2. GAPIt has all kinds of sizes.

Online shops (I would say it is a better choice because you can return items that don’t fit):Taobao

Taobao is the most commonly used one. It is a good platform to buy things. Nevertheless, it is hard for me to recognize quality unless I only go for some expensive brands and I am not willing to pay for them. When it is a promotion season, such as 618 (18 June) or double 11 (11 November), it is a good opportunity to buy things.

唯品会This app is good for it’s quality since it only sells good brands with big discounts. I just typed in my size and got some nice pieces. Easy to find big size items from nice brands with a cheap price, such as Adidas (shoes and shorts), Outdoor (T-shirts and light jackets), Paul Frank (T-shirts), etc..