Chinese Social Media

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In order to be socially functional in China, using Chinese social media is necessary. Here are the essential social networking apps to use:

WeChat | 微信[edit | edit source]

WeChat is ubiquitous in China. Everything from scanning health codes during the Covid-19 pandemic to buying groceries and communications for work. More than a simple social media tool, WeChat is a platform to manage one's entire life. People use the platform to direct messages with family, friends, colleagues, and clients, as well as allowing users to broadcast pictures and text by posting moments.

You can download WeChat for a range of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS.

Weibo | 微博[edit | edit source]

This one list like Instagram+Twitter. You can interact with your followers or check the posts of others.

Little Red Book | Xiao Hong Shu | 小红书[edit | edit source]

People use it to share things like the hotels they stay at, the beauty products they use, etc.

DouYin | 抖音 (Tiktok China)[edit | edit source]

You know how Tiktok works.

Kuaishou | 快手[edit | edit source]

This one is especially popular amongst rural areas. I know some farmers use it to share things online.