International Clubs and Associations Active in China

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Rotary Club[edit | edit source]

Rotary has a long and rich history with China. The first Rotary Club in Shanghai was chartered in 1919. By 1947 there were 32 clubs welcoming local businessmen and expatriates, but political changes resulted in the closure of all Rotary clubs on mainland China by 1953.

Rotary leaders met with Chinese officials to reintroduce Rotary as early as 1982. Actively pursuing the possibilities of reintroducing Rotary to China, RI presidents have led delegations to China in 1997, 2000, and 2002. The RI Board recognized that the Hong Kong Rotary clubs became part of the People’s Republic of China in 1999.

To demonstrate Rotary’s humanitarian ideals, grants and exchanges have been encouraged. As part of Polio Plus, Rotary has given $22 million to help eliminate polio in China, a milestone that was achieved in 2001. A total of seven Group Study Exchanges have occurred since 1991. In addition, starting in 1997, Rotary Clubs and the Rotary Foundation have built credibility by funding $975,000 in humanitarian projects throughout China. In addition, Hong Kong clubs are raising US $1.3 million for Hepatitis B immunization for 1 million babies.

While Rotary clubs are grounded in the same values, no two are the same, because each community has its own unique needs. At club meetings in communities across the globe, our members come together to strengthen their connections to friends and neighbors and their commitment to improving lives.

Rotary has a long history in China that dates back to 1919 when the first club in China (and the second club in Asia) was chartered in Shanghai. This first English-language club was predominantly comprised of expatriate Americans and British, but it soon took on a very international flavor as it welcomed other nationalities to its roster including prominent local Chinese businessmen.

Rotary flourished in China before and after the war, and ultimately spawned 33 clubs throughout the mainland up to Liberation in 1949. After 1949 however, it quickly became impossible for Rotarians to meet and so most members moved abroad and so Rotary International formally disbanded the remaining clubs in 1952.

Rotary Club of Beijing (Beijing), Rotary Club of Beijing Chaoyang (Beijing), Rotary Club of Beijing Mandarin (Beijing), Rotary Club of Chengdu (Chengdu), Rotary Club of Chongqing - Provisional (Chongqing), Rotary Club of Dalian (Dalian), Rotary Club of Hangzhou - Provisional (Hangzhou), Rotary Club of Kunshan (Kunshan), Rotary Club of Nanning - Provisional (Nanning), Rotary Club Of Ningbo (Ningbo), Rotary Club of Qingdao - Provisional (Qingdao), Rotary Club of Shanghai (Shanghai), Rotary Club of Shanghai Fresh Start (Shanghai), Rotary Club of Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui (Shanghai), Rotary Club of Shanghai West (Shanghai), Rotary Club of Suzhou (Suzhou), Rotary Club of Tianjin (Tianjin) Rotary Club of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Rotaract Clubs[edit | edit source]

Rotaract clubs bring together people ages 18-30 in communities worldwide to organize service activities, develop leadership skills, and socialize. Rotaract Club of Hult Shanghai (Shanghai), Rotaract Club of NYU Shanghai (Shanghai)

Interact Clubs[edit | edit source]

Through Interact clubs, people ages 12-18 connect with others in their community or school and learn about the world through service projects and activities. Interact Club of Oxford International College (Changzhou) KS3, Interact Club of Oxford International College (Changzhou) KS4/5, Interact Club of Shanghai Community International School Hongqiao (Shanghai), Interact Club of Shanghai High School International Division (Shanghai)

Lions Club[edit | edit source]

The Lions Club has a long history in China and now has a great many clubs available for people to join. A selection of the clubs operating in China is listed below. To join a Lion's club in China, visit the Lions Club website where you can search for the club you are interested in and find contract details to help you get involved.

Lions Clubs in China[edit | edit source]

Beijing Ai Yue, Beijing Century, Beijing Exploration, Beijing Guanghua, Beijing Kuai Le 100, Beijing Le Xin, Beijing Renda, Beijing Tian Shi, Beijing U Jia, Beijing Xiangshan, Beijing Xie Shou, Beijing Yuan Meng, China Beijing, China Dalian, China Guangdong Cha Cheng, China Guangdong Guangda, China Guangdong Guangzhou, China Guangdong Haojing, China Guangdong Happy, China Guangdong Heart To Heart, China Guangdong Life Power, China Guangdong Loving Care, China Guangdong Qifeng, China Guangdong Red Kapok, China Guangdong Sunshine, China Guangdong Xiangshan, China Guangdong Yue Ming, China Guangdong Zhujiang, China Qingdao, China Shenzhen, China Shenzhen Ba Gua Ling, China Shenzhen Bao An, China Shenzhen Bi Jia Shan, China Shenzhen Bin He, China Shenzhen Cai Tian, China Shenzhen Gao Xin, China Shenzhen Hong Li, China Shenzhen Hong Shu Wan, China Shenzhen Hua Qiang, China Shenzhen Hua Qiao Cheng, China Shenzhen Huang Gang, China Shenzhen Lian Hua Shan, China Shenzhen Nan Hai, China Shenzhen Peng Cheng, China Shenzhen Ping Shan, China Shenzhen Sha Jing, China Shenzhen Shang Bu, China Shenzhen She Kou, China Shenzhen Shenzhen Wan, China Shenzhen Si Hai, China Shenzhen Wen Jin, China Shenzhen Xiang Mi Hu, China Shenzhen Xin Zhou, China Shenzhen Yan Tian, China Shenzhen Yi Tian, China Shenzhen Yin Hu, Dalian Bincheng, Dalian Ci'ai, Dalian Jin Fan, Dalian Ren'ai, Dalian Taisen, Dalian Xingfu, Dalian Xiwang, Guangdong Boai, Guangdong Guang Ming, Guangdong Guang Zhou Ray Of Life, Guangdong Hope, Guangdong Le Shan, Guangdong Pearl Of The Flower City, Guangdong Qianjin, Guangdong Thanksgiving, Shenyang, Shenzhen Chun Feng, Shenzhen Da Tong, Shenzhen Da Zi Ran, Shenzhen Di Wang, Shenzhen Dong Fang Mei Gui, Shenzhen Dong Hai, Shenzhen Fu Yong, Shenzhen He Ping, Shenzhen Jing Tian, Shenzhen Li Cheng, Shenzhen Long Cheng, Shenzhen Long Hua, Shenzhen Ping Di, Shenzhen Qian Hai, Shenzhen Song Gang, Shenzhen Wu Tong Shan, Shenzhen Xi Li, Shenzhen Xi Xiang, Shenzhen Xian Hu, Shenzhen Xiang Shan, Shenzhen Xin Xing & Shenzhen Zhong Xin Qu.

Hash House Harriers (H3)[edit | edit source]

The Hash House Harriers are a running club with a drinking problem that was started by expats in Malaysia and went one to infect the rest of the world. Events are an incredible mix of running, drinking, singing, drinking, making new friends and drinking.

Hash Kennels[edit | edit source]

Find a full list of hash kennels on the All China H3 website including contact details for getting involved.

  • Beijing - Beijing H3, Boxer H3, Fullmoon H3
  • Shanghai - Shanghai H3, D.O.G.S. H3, Pudong Full Moon H3, Drunken Dragon H3, China Taiping H3
  • Hebei - Tianjin-Teda H3
  • Hunan - Hunan H3
  • Sichuan - Chengdu Panda H3
  • Yunnan - Chenggong H3, Kunming Spring City H3
  • Jiangsu - Nanjing H3, Zhanjiagan H3, Suzhou H3, Wuxi H3
  • Guangdong - Guangzhou H3, Dongguan H3, Shekou H3, Snafu H3
  • Hainan - Qiong Hai City H3, Haikou H3, Haikou98 H3, Sanya H3
  • Zhejiang - Hangzhou H3
  • Shandong - Qingdao H3
  • Fujian - Xiamen Huandaolu H3
  • Shaanxi - Xian H3